Put your mold in safe hands

When so much can go wrong during the plastic injection mold process, you want the team that always gets it done right. Our methodology ensures you reach the finish line faster, better and cheaper than you ever thought possible.

Your concept deserves the best

Get ready to create a perfect end-product. Moldtech can optimize your part at the crucial stage of plastic prototype design, ensuring that you go to production with a flawless injection mold.

Is your design as good as it can be?

With injection molding design, there’s no room for the unknown. Moldtech asks all the questions, reviews your design against every possible parameter, and escorts you closely to fully optimize your design for mass manufacture.

New to plastic molding?

A lot can go wrong in the plastic part manufacturing process. Numerous stages and an infinite combination of issues can lead to endless headaches… unless you have one address for your project – someone to take you from design to manufacture, in the swiftest, easiest and most cost-effective way.

MoldTech News

Mold Consulting and Manufacturing for Egyptian Client

Mold Consulting and Manufacturing for Egyptian Client

These injection molds were made for a client from Egypt and delivered for final tuning on July 2, 2017

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