• Status: Mini Bin

These injection molds were made for a client from Egypt and delivered for final tuning on July 2, 2017. This client is the one of our numerous regular clients.

Mold Consulting and Manufacturing for Egyptian Client


Services Provided by Moldtech
There were four different types of products needed, and the client consulted with us in regards to the design of each. The mold design was based on the necessary quantity; we designed each mold, deciding on the cavity number. We began manufacturing all of the molds at the same time,and then ensured that they were all completed simultaneously.

Molding Machine
These molds will mount on a 400-ton molding machine.

These molds are planned to produce 4 pcs., 2 pcs., 2 pcs. and 1pc. of different parts in one cycle, with a cycle time of 18 seconds.