Engineering Plastic Injection Products

engineering plastic injectionSo! You have a brilliant design for a plastic part, and you’re almost ready to create the injection mold for its mass manufacture? Fantastic, and even better that you realize there is one step left before manufacturing your mold.

It’s not enough to have the perfect design; it’s equally important to ensure that the design is properly engineered for optimal molding. Your design must therefore meet certain specifications in relation to:

  • Mold’s maximum heat and intensity
  • Ensuring even flow of plastic, with no bubbles or air pockets
  • Matching the engineering to the type of plastic to be used
  • Optimal wall thickness of the part
  • Injection speed
  • Channel width

Moldtech engineers have the unique advantage of understanding the mold process from initial concept, through to the final part manufacture. We can therefore help prevent any of the multitude of problems that can appear down the line, by stopping them at the engineering stage. You will then begin mass manufacture with a mold that has been properly designed and engineered – both from the standpoint of the final product, and that of the production process itself.