Plastic Injection Mold Design And Engineering

With multiple things that can go wrong at this crucial stage of the project, you want to make sure that you entrust your mold design to someone with vast field experience.

Mold Design And Engineering

The mold designer must have the ability to ensure that each and every detail is dealt with – from the standpoint of both the part itself and the injection mold design. There are innumerable items to consider – such as the changes that will happen to your design during the course of the molding process. You must also calculate the right temperature and speed of the mold injection, so that you receive the maximum number of parts per cycle without risking any warp, halos or burn marks.

Prevent the endless and costly cycle of dialogue

How can you avoid a situation where your prototype designer and mold engineer interfere with each other’s requirements? The best, fastest and most economical answer to this is to hire a plastic injection mold design and engineering team that understands the process from top to bottom.

At Moldtech, we have a profound level of experience in taking design prototypes and creating the plastic injection mold that eminently suits that end part. Working directly with your designer (or if you like, providing our own), we take the headache and hassle away from you. In return, you will get the best cost/benefit product available, so that the price of part production will match your budget.

Benefit from our decades of experience

Over twenty years of experience in designing and engineering molds for thousands of end products enables us to guide you in selecting the right materials for your part and for your mold. This is even more crucial when different parts are being manufactured at the same time, and must later come together in a perfect fit. Finally, let us reduce your headache even further by handling the mass production of your part, with our plastic injection molding service from design to production. This way, you can rest assured that you will receive the exact product you need, in the right amount, on time and on budget.