Plastic Injection Mold

Experience that Counts- At Moldtech, our expert engineering team lives and breathes the plastic injection mold manufacturing industry. We understand injection cycle speed, temperature, ejector pin placement, plastic alloys, polymers and everything there is to know about mold manufacturing. What does that mean for you?

Faster Speed- We are aware of every minefield or pitfall that will delay production, and can help you avoid them.

Lower Cost- Our design optimization process will ensure that you get the most cost effective injection mold possible for your particular needs. And our expertise prevents the need for costly future repairs

Higher Quality- Our strict methodology from T0 through TF is designed to catch any potential problem at any stage of the process – before it happens. We can ensure that your product emerges from the mold free from any warp, halos, burn marks or other defect.

Moldtech can help you reach your goals – faster, cheaper, and better.

Any and Every Mold Size- Size is never an issue! We manufacture molds from as small as a few hundred kilos, to as large as 20 tons, and from the simplest to the most complex.

Your Plan is in Safe Hands- Our clients are leading global players in every industry. Just like you, they want to ensure that confidentiality is kept. Rest assured that our relationship with you and all of your materials will be kept in the same strict confidence.

Optimize, Optimize, Optimize- We will ensure that you go to production with the best possible mold engineering. Our expert will carefully review your designs to ensure they are optimized for the manufacturing process.

Covering Every Industry- After two decades, Moldtech has created thousands of molds for virtually every industry there is. So if you are from the consumer, computing, security, automotive, medical equipment, electronic equipment, home and garden, DIY or any other industry under the sun, rest assured that we will understand your specific needs.

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