Molds For Plastic Injection

When it comes to plastic injection molds, there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all. The particular kind of mold you need depends on the exact product you wish to make.

Here at Moldtech, our first step is to work closely with you, the customer, to understand your specific priorities – from top speeds and short cycles to high accuracy and full automation – whatever your project requires.

Throughout the development of your mold, our main concern is to keep the manufacturing process as clear, simple and worry-free as possible. And after thirty years in the business, serving clients from throughout Europe and the US, we understand your primary concerns.

You want peace of mind and the security of knowing that your order is being filled according to each specification. You want to feel safe that you’re going to receive the highest quality product in the shortest possible timeframe. Most of all, you want to know that when you pick up the phone, we’ll be there to answer.

Moldtech serves clients throughout Europe and the US, each one a global leader in its field. Time and again, they return to Moldtech, where we specialize in creating custom-made molds for nearly every industry: Biotech, hi-tech, home and garden, defense, industry, transportation and more.

And there’s more. When you work with Moldtech, our wide range of experience in every aspect of building plastic injection molds – from initial conceptualization and manufacturing through to designing entire production lines – provides an added value to everything we do. It offers priceless security as you enter production, because before anything else, our designers will review your design upon receipt, spot any potential issues and help you to sort them out – on time and on budget.