plastic injection mold cost

Plastic Injection Mold Cost

As every injection mold is one-of-a-kind custom made, we’ll need a few details from you first, before we can provide a quote for your particular mold.

plastic injection mold cost

Besides sending us your product design (guaranteed safe, as we abide by strict rules of confidentiality), please also submit the following, if you already know what you want:

  • Mold material (tool steel, stainless steel, etc.)
  • Part material (ABS, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Flexible PVC, etc.)
  • Gate type (hot runner, manifold, subgate, direct gate, etc.)
  • Number of parts to be included in the press
  • Part texture (high polished, photoetching, EDM, etc.)
  • Desired accuracy level
  • Target run time

The more specific you are able to be, the more accurate we can be with the various elements of your quote.

Not sure about something? That’s fine, we can help!

Our team is here for you to consult with – we’ll do a cost/benefit analysis and decide together on the best mold, part material and gate for your particular product, while determining the various parameters to ensure you receive the optimum mould