Plastic Injection Mold Process

At Moldtech, we employ a carefully designed, step-by-step process to ensure that you receive the highest quality mold with the exact specifications required. We escort you through the process, from verifying that your initial design is the most efficient one possible, through upgrading to a better design that will save you time and money, and on through several stages of mold creation.

Now put your mold to the test!

Once your mold is ready for testing, we move to the next phase. This involves a number of steps to guarantee that the product reaches the desired performance level.

T0     At this initial testing stage, we do a small product run, using the nearly-finished mold, and then make any adjustments necessary. During this stage, we are specifically checking:

  • Cycle time
  • Accuracy of part size, having been adjusted for shrinkage
  • Proper functioning of all technical parts – ejector pins, check valves, etc.
  • Ability to run in continuance
  • Fully automated ejection
  • Accuracy

T1     After adding the mold’s color, texture, and any other desired finishes, we send you a sample of the product run, so that you can do your own internal checks and send us back any comments or requests for adjustments in the mold.

T2     Having adjusted the mold according to your feedback on T1, we send you the next small product run, for further examination. Depending on the mold’s complexity and on your feedback, we will continue to adjust and send new product runs (T3, T4, etc.) until you are fully satisfied with the results.

TF     The final run, we ensure the mold’s readiness and then ship it to your desired location.

Once you have possession of the mold and can start production, you’ll find you can’t get rid of us so easily. We’ll be there, quietly in the background, ready to answer any question you may have or deal with any issue that arises. From our global network of local agents, to our in-house engineers ready for dispatch, we are your partners in production, there for the long run.