Plastic Injection Molding Service From Design To Production

The tales we’ve heard from our clients about their experiences before coming to Moldtech would make your hair curl!

No question – war stories in the plastic injection molding industry abound.  Injection mold designers who never took into account the necessary cycle time in order to meet the volume demand… burn marks, weld lines, blush marks resulting from wrong injection speeds, improper venting and over-packing. Suppliers they couldn’t get on the line… and when they could, no one understood English!

plastic design to production small

And even when – miraculously –  nothing disastrous occurred, they were always falling behind schedule. Why? Because with three, four, even five commercial suppliers involved for the various project stages, sometimes overlapping, the chances of sticking to your timeline are about as good as snowfall in the Sahara… in August.

You’re going to love Moldtech’s turnkey service

Moldtech offers a complete turnkey injection molding service package – from initial concept design through prototype planning, mold manufacturing and production testing, all the way to your product’s delivery. You save time, you save energy, and most likely, at the end of the day, you save money.

Best of all, you have one trusted address – someone who will always be there when you call, someone who will escort you all the way and ensure a swift, easy and pleasant process.