Plastic Prototype

So, you’ve completed the design of your new product or part and are ready for the next step? Congratulations! But before you rush off to mass produce the plastic injection mold of your product, there’s an absolutely crucial step that comes first: Plastic prototyping.

plastic prototype

The prototype stage of manufacturing is designed to save you a great big headache – not to mention money – down the road, by discovering mistakes that lie hidden within your product design. There’s no way around it, what looks fantastic on paper can seem quite different when held to the more stringent demands of 3D! And you don’t want to jeopardize your clients’ satisfaction, or put yourself at risk for missed deadlines, broken guarantees and the ensuing cost of damages.

Going beyond the design: Are you ready?

Just some of the many questions to be answered, before starting mass production, include: Does the part fit exactly to the machine it will go on? Is it the ideal length, width, volume? Is it robust enough in its current dimensions and with the materials you’ve chosen for its manufacture? How does the surface level texture feel; is it smooth enough? Course enough? As light or heavy as it needs to be? Is it durable enough to withstand the vibrations, pressures, forces and extreme heats it will be exposed to during the manufacturing process and beyond?

These and many more questions must be answered before proceeding, which makes the prototype stage critical for the identification and discovery of any hidden design issues that cannot be seen on the screen. It is the only way to confirm that you are ready to go, with a totally optimized design, down to every material chosen for the finished product.

Moldtech’s plastic prototype services ensure that your product is made in the highest quality, according to your exact specifications and using the appropriate plastic prototype method.

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