Plastic Parts Prototype Manufacturer

Plastic Parts Prototype Manufacturer

Moldtech has over twenty years of experience as a plastic parts prototype manufacturer. We’ll work closely with you to manufacture the plastic prototype of your end-product.

You’ll let us know what materials you prefer to use in the prototype, or we’ll decide together according to the particular item you wish to manufacture. We have at our disposal every variety of plastic, including ABS, PLA, POM, EPBM, etc.

We’ll also help you decide the best method to use for manufacturing the prototype – 3D PRINTER, SLA, FDM, CNC, etc. – depending upon the type of item, required precision and of course, the design itself.

Receive your prototype in just 1 week!

After receiving your final approved design file, depending on the complexity of its design, it will take between 48 hours and a week to manufacture your prototype and ship it off to you.

Once you receive your prototype from Moldtech, you can test your product in the field, discover any additional optimization it might need and ensure that the coloring, materials and finish are ideal. If any changes are needed, Moldtech will execute them in a new version of the prototype, and you will achieve your goal of going to mass production with complete confidence in your product.